by Donato Begotti in soundme:

Do you wish to develop you own personal sound?
Do you want to create great guitar sounds quickly and easily?
Are you ready to make an important purchase, but want to know what is the best choice for you?

Then you should consider buying a series of books (IN ITALIAN) by Donato Begotti called TRUCCHI, TRUCCHETTI PER SUONI DI CHITARRA PERFETTI (Tricks on how to play the guitar perfectly). The two volumes are titled:
- IL FINALE DI POTENZA & LE CASSE (the power amp and the speakers)

These two texts explain in a very clear and simple way HOW TO OBTAIN GREAT GUITAR SOUNDS! There are many solutions regarding the use of the amplifiers, effects, processors, MIDI controllers, as well as many other useful and indispensible tools for every guitarist. All in an inovative way.
Why innovative?
For the way that they were written!
Language: they were written with very clear and simple language, using terms and concepts understandable by anyone. Even someone who ventures for the first time into this field will have no difficulty understanding the meaning of the phases or the suggested regulations.
Illustrations: many. A lot of work also went into the quality and semplicity of the illustrations. Plus icons and simple designs to support and help explain the text.
Testimonials: quotes and advice from some the best guitarist of yesterday and today to support the concepts. These are helpful in learning from the best the suggestions that Donato later clearly explains in the sections called "Aneddoti & storielle".

Thats not all!
While the first half of the book deals with the subject of that book (the preamp or the power amp), the second half talks about the tricks of the trade. Here, the tricks are described and illustrated that only the professionals know: at what volume to set the amplifier on stage, how to obtain more saturation without impurifying the sound, how to use Over Drive, Compressors and Equalizers to pump the sound from your guitar, and many others. Furthermore, precise answers to eternal doubts: is it bette a valvular, transistor or digital system? is it better a combo, header and speaker or a rack system? Every page is a surprise.

Here are some the the topics:
  • Inputs/outputs and connections
  • Send & Return in series, in parallel
  • Connection of the loudspeakers
  • Microphoning the loudspeakers
  • Playing live, playing for cover groups, Home recording.
  • The sounds of the shift guitarist
  • MIDI. The program changes, mapping, etc.
  • The direct connection of the guitar
  • Substitution of the valves

Structure of the books: Each chapter starts with a list of terms and reachable goals to help guarantee the learning.

Conclusion: These are books written by a guitarist for guitarists. Independent of the level or musical type, you will find the solutions that will help you obtain the maximum out of your instrument and yourself, in terms of sounds. If you are interested in continuing to study and to play without losing time from playing incorrectly, and want immediate and precise results, then these books are for you.

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