Zequinha Abreu - Eurico Babreiros
Tico - Tico no fubą
© Copyright 1941 by Irmaos Vitale S/A.Ind. e Com.   San Paolo - Rio De Janeiro - Brazil
Trascription and arrangement for guitar: S. Farinoli
© 2000

The melodic line of this piece, even if dated, is surely very intriguing, especially while playing. In fact, in many parts of the piece you can find some interesting points regarding the use of the right hand, which will be the one used the most while playing. Regarding the analysis of the piece, there are no particular characteristics, besides those listed below.
You can access the page of the complete score, you can easily download it as a zip file, or even in word format. You can listen to the arrangement in midifile format, and after you have learned the various parts to play, you can practice on the midi base, and also on the slower version.

The introduction relies on a phrase that precludes the main theme of the passage, which starts at the beginning of the third beat. The melodic line of the introduction is found in other points in the piece (beats 18 and 33), as well as in the end, where it is played three times, of which the first two are cut in half.

The melodic line of the main theme, as stated previously, is probably the most recognized by the majority one you. The execution is not particularly difficult, even if the picking must be accurate (alternate picking is recommended).

In the study of the score of the passage, remember to make good use of the midi base that is available, and particularly the slower version, in order to better assimilate the various parts to play. The speed of the passage in the base midi is 120bpm, while the slow base is 87bpm. Have fun.

Tico Tico No Fubą
Download the midi file of the piece
Tico Tico No Fubą
Download the base midi file of the piece
Download the slow version midi file of the piece
Slow Base
Download the score of the piece in html format
Download the score in HTML format
Download the score of the piece in word format
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