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  • Tico Tico...
    We open a section dedicated to historical pieces that can be studied and played on the guitar. This month we have a very famous South American piece, recently used in a candy advertisement. For those who want to 'chew' on the score, here is an interesting analysis of Tico Tico...

  • Triads
    Triad exercises based on the string skipping technique. Very useful for the melodic development within the progression of chords.

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Theory and Harmony

This section is of great help in the areas of technical development, improvisation, composition, as well as the understanding of the rules from practical point of view.


Dedicated to the fingering of a chord, from the most simple to the barrè.
One section is dedicated to the construction of barrè chords, where you can find exercises pertaining to the barrè itself.

Amplification and Effects

In the amplification section you will find all related subjects, analyzing the amplifier and its components. In the section dedicated to the effects all the various types of effects are analyzed, both rack and pedal. Finally, recommendations for use, combinations, wiring, the midi, etc.


In this section you will find all the information to understand how classical, folk and electric guitars are made.
It's important to know how a guitar is built, and to eventually understand the values and defects, even looking at the components of each part.


The fundamental importance that the triads assume in the construction of the chords and in the harmonic melodic development of a lick.
Here the basic forms are analyzed to learn the fingerings, with the use of exercises.


In the section dedicated to the Blues, many basic techniques are analyzed to learn to play this musical genre. This section is of fundamental importance for the modern guitarist, covering subjects such as rhythm, accompaniment, and the use of the pentatonic scale, with examples, scores, and midi files.

Funky Rhythm

The modern rhythm for excellence, because its fundamentally possible to play in various musical genre, using very specific techniques, all analyzed in this section.


A series of exercises, analyzed at various learning levels, dedicated to the coordination of the hands and to the use of alternate picking.


How to structure and build a solo, of whatever type or style, through analysis of the basics and of the better known chord sequences, but also taking advantage of the harmonies of songs and passages. You will be able to play using specially prepared base midi and mp3 files.

Ligatures   Links Right hand

Ligature techniques like the hammer-on and pull-off.
The exercises, developed in steps, can be an excellent training tool for the right hand.


A collection of musical and guitar links covering various sections and subjects, very useful as an on-line musical resource.

Section dedicated to the in depth learning of the typical techniques of the right hand without the pick. Exercises on arpeggios, classical and modern, studies and analysis of the the various techniques.

Notation   Pentatonic Scale Rhythmics

How to read tablature and the diagrams of the chords.


The most common scales, used also by those who are just beginning. This section is full of exercises, from basic to advanced levels, usefull in any occasion.

One of the least followed aspects, but non the less important, is the use of the rhythm. In this section you will see how to improve your sense of tempo, as well as analyzing the rhythm in various musical styles.

Tapping   Scales   Test

One of the most loved techniques is analyzed here with the use of a large number of exercises arranged in increasing order of technical difficulty.


This section covers the complete study of the major scales in all the positions, very useful for the development over the entire fretboard.


To evaluate your ability and your technical theoretical knowledge, you can perform a series of tests.

Diminished Scales   Modal System   Software

In the section dedicated to the Diminished Scales and the Diminished Arpeggios, practical-theorical analysis, development of the fingerings, various exercises for the learning of these scales.


In the section inherent to the Modal System the modal scales relating to the major scale are analyzed, with a first look at the II° - V° - I° cadences. Also practical examples, scores and midi files.


In the section dedicated to the review of Software for guitar, you can have a preview of the principle characteristics of the programs, with the possibility to directly download them to your computer. The programs are shareware and freeware.

Minor Harmonic Scales   String Skipping   Sweep Picking

Complete analysis of the fingerings of the minor harmonic scales, with exercises, scores and audio examples.


In the section dedicated to String skipping you can perform basic exercises for the knowledge and use of picking on non adjoining strings, useful for creating melodic phrases with large intervals, as well as patterns and clichè to include in your improvisations.


In this section, all the techniques regarding sweep picking are analyzed, with the help of numerous examples based on arpeggios using demonstration licks, applicable in various musical types.

All the indications pertain to playing the guitar right handed.
If the reader is left handed, you must obviously change the adjective right with left, when applicable.

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© Copyright 1999-2002:   Stefano Farinoli - Augusto Verzetti - Noago® Srl

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Terminology and Technical Glossary


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