Structure extension of the triads

This series of exercises allows for the develpment of the fingerings using a group of three strings spread over a set of four strings. The fingering of each chord is made up of 2 adjacent strings plus one seperate string. In the first exercise we play the key of C major, using the second, fourth and fifth strings for each of the chords. Within each triad, the respective steps are the I, the V, the III and again the V.
Very important: play using alternate picking.

In the next exercise, which is much more demanding to play, we will use two sets of strings: sixth, fifth, third and the fourth, third, first. The relationship of the steps remains the same.
The chords that result from the development of this exercise are in G. In each beat, a triad is played with the tonic on the sixth string followed by the same one eighth above, with the tonic on the fourth string.
As before, use alternate picking.

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